4 Effective Home Decorating and Staging Tips (Guest Blog!)

Hi everyone, on the blog today is Guest Blogger Stacey Bailiff, from Canvas Press, Inc.  Enjoy the article!!!

Canvas Art piece over lucite console table. Image from Pinterest


4 Effective Home Decorating and Staging Tips

Decorating a home, whether it’s a new home or a refresh to make your home feel new, or even when trying to sell a home, is a fun activity. But, like many fun things, it can also be stressful, especially when it’s on a budget, or a timeline. Here are a few tips for making decorating your home enjoyable, easy, and stress-free!


  1. Pick a neutral color and accessorize around that color, making it easier to change smaller pieces of décor more often. No one wants a completely beige or grey house, but choosing neutral wall colors or large pieces of furniture can make decorating easier. Not convinced about the bright pink pillows? Try them out! With a neutral background, picking bold or seasonal pieces, or even just something you love but you’re not sure if it will work, is much less stressful, because you can change them later if you want to! Bonus: If you buy something and don’t love it, you’re buying a throw pillow, not an entire living room set.
  2. Remember that scale is important. Sometimes, a piece of furniture is just too large, or too tall, or too wide, and it just won’t work. But if you love it, a great way to bring that piece you love into your home is to find something in a similar style. If you are set on a large dining room table, look at a drop-leaf table that can be smaller when not in use but fold out to host all those fabulous dinner parties you’re planning.
  3. Forget the rules! Sometimes a rule makes sense in theory – floor to ceiling curtains make a room look taller – but it just isn’t working in your house. That’s okay, rules were meant to be broken! Do you love no curtains at all – be you! If something doesn’t work for you, do something different, especially if it makes you happy and works in your space!
  4. Choose art wisely. Art is one of the most stressful parts of decorating. One great way to choose art wisely, making sure it fits your style, is budget-friendly, and easy to work with, is to decorate using canvas art. Canvas art – art, photos, drawings, or even a famous image printed on high-quality canvas, with gallery-style wrapping – is an easy, affordable, and stress-free way to decorate, plus it allows you to follow the first three tips with ease! Neutral background? Bring in some colorful art, like a favorite landscape or piece of modern art. Small apartment? Large blank wall in a loft? No problem! Canvas art can be customized both in the image and the size, making small corners easy to decorate while still being useful for large areas that would be too cost prohibitive or large to find an original painting for. Think you have to frame your art, but really hate framing, or have thin walls that don’t hold frames well? Canvas art is already gallery-quality, with wrap-around images and the option to have it delivered ready to hang! Plus it’s affordable and easy – and fun! – to order, so when the couch delivery is late, or the curtains just aren’t working, you can rest assured that one part of decorating is coming in under budget, without stress, and as a beautiful addition to your home.


Making a house a reflection of yourself, and of your style and life, is exciting, just like a blank canvas – full of possibility and fresh, waiting to have your personal style and interests painted on it. But it can be hard and stressful too. Take some of that stress away with these tips and suggestions, like compromising on a piece or ordering a beautiful canvas print to personalize and decorate your home, and happy designing!

Stacey Bailiff
Canvas Press