4 Effective Home Decorating and Staging Tips (Guest Blog!)

Hi everyone, on the blog today is Guest Blogger Stacey Bailiff, from Canvas Press, Inc.  Enjoy the article!!!   4 Effective Home Decorating and Staging Tips Decorating a home, whether it’s a new home or a refresh to make your home feel new, or even when trying to sell a home, is a fun activity.
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Meaningful Makeovers for Children at TBCH

  I am a lucky girl! I belong to a wonderful group of professional Home Stagers (RESA = Real Estate Staging Association) who are talented, witty, fun, creative and caring. We support one another, help each other, give guidance and professional growth opportunities to one another, and we challenge each other. At one of our
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Staging Your Home During the Summer Months

{The below article is a slightly edited version of an article I wrote for Real Estate Agent Jane Campbell‘s newsletter.  Enjoy!}   Selling your Home During the Summer Months By Karen Hattan, Home by Hattan Interior Decorating and Home Staging   Staging your home sells! Staging to sell is one of the most important things
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Redecorating on a Budget, $100 to $1,000

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite tricks to help redecorate your home when the desire you have to redecorate is larger than your budget!   To read about these super-budget-friendly tricks of the trade, just click this link:  Redecorating on a Budget, from $0 to $100. However, if you happen to
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Redecorating on a Budget, from $0 (as in FREE) to $100

Are you ready for a fresh new look but don’t have the funds saved up to completely redecorate your house?  You would end up in debtor’s prison if you bought everything you wanted, right?  So you can’t redecorate your whole home, but there are things you CAN do for not much money that will make
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