Open Floor Plan Needs Unifying Color

My client LOVES color – bold, intense, true color!   We are talking caliente’ color. This client has family in both New Mexico and Mexico, and she is strongly influenced by both of those styles. She has beautiful Talavera dishes from Mexico, as well as some pieces that are Southwestern American in origin. She has good
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How and When to Redo Your Child’s Room (also, how to build a pallet bed)

It is mid-July, and it is the perfect time to make over your child’s bedroom, or homework area, or teen hang-out area. Why? Because it is back-to-college time in the stores, that’s why! Lots of kids heading off to college means stores are stocking tons of products for this very event! Target, Bed Bath and
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New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

New beginnings.  They can be scary and beautiful and wonderful all at the same time.   A few weeks ago I helped a friend/client embark on a new beginning.  She recently went through a divorce, and was ready to bring a change to her world and her home. She wanted to kick-start this fresh new beginning by updating
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I’m a Little Bit Fancy, a Little Bit Soggy Peso

My hubby and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary by taking a quick trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was wonderful, and I truly enjoyed it. The resort was gorgeous.  I soaked in the sun, the sea, the pool, and the frozen drinks. Our lovely hotel provided the bubbly! But I didn’t just stay there
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The Power of Paint

Lately I’ve seen lots of painter’s trucks driving up and down the roads of Nashville. My first reaction is always a happy: “How exciting! Someone’s getting a new color somewhere!” But that first reaction is immediately followed by a quick breath of worry: “I sure hope they picked the right color! Please don’t let it
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