Meaningful Makeovers for Children at TBCH


I am a lucky girl! I belong to a wonderful group of professional Home Stagers (RESA = Real Estate Staging Association) who are talented, witty, fun, creative and caring. We support one another, help each other, give guidance and professional growth opportunities to one another, and we challenge each other.

Here are a few of our Greater Nashville RESA ladies in Las Vegas this January!

At one of our recent meetings, fellow RESA member Amy Greenman was sharing with us her involvement with the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home, which is a residential facility just outside of Nashville. The TN Baptist Children’s Home (TBCH) provides housing and loving care to children who cannot live with their own family for whatever reason, but cannot be placed with a foster family or forever family due to extenuating circumstances. In short, these kids have known some rough times. We all felt compelled to help. What could we, as Home Stagers (and many of us Home Decorators), do to help? You guessed it!! We are giving two of the girls’ group homes MAKEOVERS on the TBCH campus! (Next will be the boys’ homes, don’t worry!)

We are using our talents and time to create more beautiful, functional, happy environments for the residents of TN Baptist Children’s Home, and just give them a makeover! We want the children and House Families who care for them to know they are important and loved and not forgotten!

Here is a sneak peek at the room colors that will be used in the Girls’ Homes.  This color palette was created by Kristie Barnett, aka The Decorologist, specifically for this project.


Each home consists of a large open living and eating area (which will be painted one of the above neutral colors), a kitchen, and several bedrooms, as well as a large front porch. Our RESA volunteers have divvied up the rooms, so we can divide and conquer it all.

My fellow RESA member, home stager, and partner for this project, Shelley McCoy, and I are undertaking one bedroom and adjoining bathroom in a group home AND the community front porch.  Our bedroom color is …… drumroll please …… Malted Milk!!

Malted Milk by Sherwin Williams


Shelley and I are painting walls and furniture, buying more furniture as needed, adding bedding, storage, light fixtures, and window treatments – anything needed to create happy, cohesive, peaceful and functional spaces for the kids and the House Families who live with them and take care of them. And in our case, we will address some outdoor needs as well.

We will be busy the next 5 weeks or so!!


You can be a part of this in several ways! You can:

1) Donate money to the project
2) Donate time and energy during the Installation and Painting Week, September 1 – 8
3) Donate new or gently used books, preferably chapter books, for the home libraries

Please click on this link to donate to the cause – ANY AMOUNT WILL BE APPRECIATED, as this is strictly volunteer generated!


Here a few BEFORE pics of the areas Shelley and I will be making over:

Well-loved is a great adjective to describe these homes and everything that is in them, don’t you think?
We are so excited to be doing this! And as you can see, we have our work cut out for us.

When I took the above photos, I got to chat with one of the residents in the home — a bright, charming, lively teenaged young lady. She was amazing and creative and had lots of ideas, lots to say, and lots of love to give. She has been through so much, y’all, and still has a smile on her face. I can’t wait to brighten her world!

Please click on this Sign-Up Genius link to sign up a donation of either time, money, or books … I will contact you to iron out the details. Thank you so much!

Be on the lookout for more “Meaningful Makeovers” sponsored by our RESA group in the future …. !