Meaningful Makeovers Girls Home BIG Reveal!

Dear readers and friends,

My apologies in getting this out a month late, but, you know …. LIFE.

Anyhoo, I am very excited to share with you all the Befores and Afters of our RESA Meaningful Makeovers project, in which a group of 12 members of Greater Nashville RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) combined our efforts, talents, and money to completely redecorate a couple of the girls’ residential homes on the TN Baptist Children’s Home campus!  There were several bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, the main living room and kitchen, and the front porch that received some TLC and home decorating magic! In this post, I will share the Befores and Afters from the home I was a part of redecorating, but will share photos from the other home in a following post!


I’ll start with the rooms I helped design and work to complete, along with the very lovely and talented Shelley McCoy (Shelley McCoy Artful Homes).

Shelley and I were asked to improve the front porch, where the family truly lives, eats, plays, and does homework together!  Here’s the Before:

Porch Before

You can see in the photo above, their only table was a small round table that could seat 5, but there can be up to 12 people living in the home!  The House Parents needed a larger table, so everyone could sit together.  The space felt a little dark and dingy as well … so we helped them out with that!


Porch After

We replaced the round table with a larger table that has a homework-friendly table-top, and we bought them a bench for seating along the backside, so several kid-sized bottoms can all fit along that side!  Now it can comfortably sit 7 or 8, and there is still room to pull up a chair or 2 if needed.  Right now, there are only 8 people in the home, so the House Parents were thrilled!  We cleaned up their grill for them (cleaned the whole porch actually!), bought them cheery new cushions, pillows, candles, lanterns, and flowers and 2 extra wicker chairs.  I scored big time on this outdoor rug, picking it up from a Buy, Sell, Trade site for a great price!  Shelley up-cycled the metal flower artwork she already owned and just repainted it with colors from our rug, and now it hangs happily over the wicker bench!  We also added a light kit to the existing ceiling fan, to bring in more light to the space, but we kept the fan spinning for comfort and enjoyment.

We were thrilled with the porch, and the family was as well!

I would like to give a big shout-out to a few others who helped us with this porch, one of whom is my handsome, helpful, TALL husband who installed the light kit onto the fan for us!  He also got roped in to painting the edges in our bedroom and bathroom — lucky guy!  THANKS MARKIE!  Here he is, with paint bucket and brush in action:

Also stepping out to help were these lovely ladies, who simply volunteered just because they wanted to be of service!  They cleaned and scrubbed the porch like nobody’s business!  Thank you to Claire Carrico, Nicole Boyd, and Shelia Story!

Me and my Volunteer Worker Bees, Nicole, Sheila, and Claire. Thanks for having a servant’s heart!


And now onto our next project, a teen girl’s bedroom and adjoining bath.  Here is the chaotic room before:

Teen Bedroom Before

And After:

Teen Bedroom After


Kristie Barnett, a.k.a. The Decorologist, chose the soothing color scheme for the whole house, and our bedroom was chosen to be painted Sherwin William’s Malted Milk, what I would consider to be a warm pink.

Sherwin Williams Malted Milk 6057


We used the existing room’s headboards, the bookcase, and the mirror from the old dresser, but most everything else was new (or new to the room!).  The dresser that was in the room before was a wonderful size, but the drawers didn’t operate and it … well, it didn’t work … so we bought a new dresser by Ashley Signature, and just reused the old dresser’s mirror by painting it white.  We bought a chest from ReStore, which had 2 large drawers for more storage, and painted it a cheery green that coordinated with the new comforters.  We used that painted piece as the night stand.  We painted another smaller cabinet that was placed on the far side of the beds in the same cheery green.


{Sorry for the drapes being closed … the sun was streaming in during photographing, so to get the best pictures, we needed to close the drapes.}

Speaking of drapes, my bestie Lisa Uiberall helped with the drapes for this project!  She picked up an extra set that was needed, and helped my husband Mark install the rods.  Lisa also painted the white bookcase for us!  Thank you, Lisa!

Here are a few more fun pics of the room.

Shelley made the little yarn decor pieces over the beds, following an inspirational Instragram post by Sabrina Soto ( @sabrina_soto). The artwork over the green nightstand is Shelley’s work as well!

Here’s a shot of Shelley and I figuring out where to hang some of our fun stuff for the room:

And here’s some of our “fun stuff”:

YES, these inspirational quotes are also LIGHT BOXES, which lit up with the touch of a button …. You Go Girl … Dream Big! Choose Happy!



When is this room ever going to be this clean again? When PIGS FLY! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! I have two teenagers living in my own home, so I speak from experience!)

OK, enough about our rooms!!

(You can tell we had fun, though, can’t you?!)

There were other rooms in the house receiving INCREDIBLE makeovers as well!!  Here are the beautiful results in other areas of the house …


I mean, who WOULDN’T want this room?!  The headboards came with USB ports, for all your electronic needs.  A teenager’s dream, this room was completely furnished and decorated by Anthea and Cory Click of Fresh Perspectives.

One more look:


Down the hall a ways …. another beautiful room ….

Glamorous and calm and sweet … ahhhhhhhhh.


This fantastic room was designed and completed by Carol Lindsay of Mint Home Staging and Jamie Watford of JW Nash & Co.   Classy and sweet, simply lovely.

So sweet!


Next door is one more gorgeous bedroom!  Take a look:

Sophisticated and fun all at the same time!

This room was completely transformed with lots of hard work and vision by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist, and  Elizabeth Scruggs of Superior Construction and Design.

Don’t you just LOVE what they did to this chest of drawers!? So creative and pretty!

I need to show you one more photo from this room, because the other dresser in the room also received a little “somethin’-somethin'”!

Gold knobs! So haute couture for furniture, to go with all their fashionable jewelry! And the fun pom-pom ball! LOVE!

Just for the record, each and every bedroom came with an adjoining bathroom.  These were not ignored in our redecorating project, and also received LOTS of paint and updates and love, but I thought you might not be as excited about the bathrooms as you would the bedrooms and the living areas … and so … if you are just dying to see the bathroom makeovers, please let me know and I will share the photos with you!

And now for the largest undertaking … also completed by Kristie Barnett and Elizabeth Scruggs, the main living area!


Wait!  Oh darn it all, I don’t have a Before Picture!!  You’ll have to go Elizabeth’s post to see the Before Photos!  Sorry, folks!

But suffice it to say that I could summarize the main living area BEFORE the makeover with two words:  1) DARK, and 2) BROWN.

The lighting was dark and brown, the walls were dark and brown, the fireplace was dark and brown (almost black), the furniture was dark and brown, the bookcases were dark and brown (the backs of the bookcases were painted the same brown as the walls).  I mean seriously, y’all, I don’t know any young girls who want to live in a house that is described as dark and brown!!!! Especially girls who are coming from dark and hard places in their own lives.  They need light!  And love!  And peace!  And comfort!  And happy!  And NOT dark!  Which is the reason why we were doing this project in the first place!

And so, with the help and generous donations of Ferguson Lighting in Lebanon, TN and also Elizabeth’s favorite painters Guierllmo and Hector and Antonio, Kristie and Elizabeth whipped this area into fabulous shape!!  Here are the AFTER shots:

Kristie Barnett spent hours hand-painting the fireplace. Elizabeth tackled the bookcase and many other jobs. New rug, pillows, lights … even the ceiling got a splash of color!


Here you can see some of the beautiful light fixtures donated by Ferguson Lighting!


Bookcases painted and staged by Kristie and Elizabeth. Many more books and games are stored in the cabinets underneath.

The family kitchen also received new lighting and a few other special touches, such as painted bar stools  — way to work, ladies!

I have 2 more thank-yous to doll out.  One is a BIG thank you to Sherwin Williams — Sherwin Williams donated much of our paint for the entire project — which is a lot!!  Also a big thank you to our biggest sponsor, Clarcor Filter Foundation, who gifted us with a substantial amount to help fund some of our big purchases!

Oh yeah, Meryl Rose and Talk of the Town of Channel 5 came out to do a little piece on our project. In case you missed it, here it is:

And here’s the article from Brentwood Home Page, which tells more of the story from the folks that live and work at TN Baptist Children’s Home:

Home staging specialists make over children’s home cottages

Thanks to all of you who supported this project, through prayers, donations of books or money, or showing up to work!  Believe me when I say this was a worthy cause!

If you want to know any more information about any of the wall colors or design work, just email and ask away!

I’ll leave you with one more silly picture — Shelley and I “being teenaged girls” in our teenaged girl’s bedroom!  Like TOTALLY.  I think Shelley is Instagramming it.