Staging Your Home During the Summer Months

{The below article is a slightly edited version of an article I wrote for Real Estate Agent Jane Campbell‘s newsletter.  Enjoy!}

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Selling your Home During the Summer Months

By Karen Hattan, Home by Hattan Interior Decorating and Home Staging


Staging your home sells!

Staging to sell is one of the most important things you can do to get your home sold quickly and for the highest price, no matter what time of year, or what kind of market you are living in.

Did you know:

  • A staged home will sell, on average, at a 17% higher price point than an unstaged home.  Recoup many times your staging costs.
    • Source: US Housing and Urban Development
  • 63% of buyers are willing to pay more money for a house that is move in ready.
    • Source: Maritz Research Staging Polls
  • Staged homes spent 90% less time on the market than non-staged homes.
    • Source: Real Estate Staging Association 2016
  • The top three interior features for selling were freshly painted walls, organized storage space, and current flooring.
    • Source: Maritz Research Staging Polls


While each buyer comes into the home shopping arena with his/her own shopping list of must-haves — such as 3 bedrooms and a large yard, or 4 bedrooms and no yard, or whatever their individual needs may be — EACH and EVERY home buyer wants a home that has been taken care of.  Buyers feel drawn to homes that are well-maintained, seem happy and peaceful, and are a “step up” from where they currently live.

Yes, even buyers who are downsizing are looking for something special in their new home, something that is better than where they are now.  Staging Consultations by an Expert Psychological Stager ™ such as myself help pinpoint those areas of the home that should be emphasized and highlighted to appeal to the most buyers.

Staging your home in the summer months is the most fun time of year to stage and bring these happy feelings to life!   Summertime in of itself carries visions of sunny days, starry nights, vacations, and other happy memories – so play on these feelings!  My best advice for staging your home in the summertime is to stage it as one big sunny vacation!!

Outside the home:

  • Play up back porches and other outdoor living areas! Clean and refresh cushions, sweep away cobwebs, and remove furniture that has seen better days or does not get much use.
  • Remove any “sad” plants, and “sad” pots and planters. Remove any collections of yard ornaments or other  little objects,  as they do not photograph well.
  • Add some colorful new pillows to patio chairs on the front porch or back deck.
  • Add lanterns and/or rope lighting.
  • Trim bushes, weed like crazy, add new mulch and happy flowers along the front sidewalk.


Happy porch paint and bright new pillows make this area feel special and welcoming.  Image from Lolly Jane.

Feels like a vacation, yes?  Rope lights, potted plants, happy colors…  Staged by Home by Hattan.  Home offered by Jane Campbell Keller Williams Realty.


Inside the home:

  • Trade dark heavy drapes for light and airy sheers – or no drapes at all!
  • Open the blinds and windows and let the sun shine in!
  • Replace old, worn pillows on your sofas and beds with fresh and happy pillows.
  • And your best bet – paint your home in fresh, light colors. You will be surprised how big of a difference a few gallons of paint can make!
  • … and while you are at it, paint the front door a happy welcoming color. First impressions are everything when selling your home.

Before …

After … lighter and brighter and happier! New paint, coverlet, and lamps, and the dark window treatments have been simply removed. Staged by Home by Hattan.


Master Bath Before ….

And After … which would you rather bathe in? Or buy?  It’s crazy what just a little paint will do!  Staged by Home by Hattan.


Painted front door and entry say welcome … Colors by Home by Hattan.


When your home is staged well, you open that door for buyers to fall in love with your home! (Or should we say former home??)

This door did NOT need painting!! (But the addition of a happy pillow was needed for the glider rocker chair!) Staged by Home by Hattan.

Remember, you are creating visions of a lifestyle buyers will want!  And who doesn’t want a happy, light, “vacation-feeling” home that meets everyone’s needs right away?!

If you hire me for a Staging Consultation, you will find out even more specific recommendations — which repairs and updates are necessary, which new paint colors will best freshen and update your own home with your own furnishings and flooring, and which jobs need to be done in order to showcase your home in the very best light possible.  Following through with the recommendations in your Staging Consultation will help your home to evoke feelings of peacefulness, organization, and beauty.  And your online photos will look fabulous!

Staging in the summertime is fun and easy, many of these happy updates can be found at your local hardware or décor store, for only a few dollars.  So invest in the needed repairs, and then freshen up!

Hopefully, you will let me guide you in this process!  I am available not only for staging, but also redecorating and redesign and color selections … and if you are listing with Jane Campbell as your Real Estate Agent, my Expert Psychological Staging Consultation ™ with Recommendations Report specifically written for YOUR home is courtesy of Jane!  (Jane is the Real Estate Goddess of the Universe, after all!)

Happy Summer!