New Homeowner Shares Her Story


Hi all, Karen here!  Some of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may remember seeing a few photos of this project my client and I are about to share with you!  Last year I had the joy and privilege of working on this beauty with a special family.  I will let my client share with you today, as this project has a really sweet story, and then in a follow up post, I will share more design info, tricks, and other information!

Although this was a renovation project, we only gutted one room in the house, and that was the kitchen.  All other rooms we just refinished, repainted, and redecorated!  We used a lot of  furniture the homeowner and her family already had, but dressed it up a bit! (However, Phase 2 is beginning soon, where we will remove some walls and add more space!)

So for today, let’s hear from the homeowner herself, Lauren!  Here are Lauren’s words to share — thank you Lauren, we appreciate hearing from you!


My name is Lauren Barnes and Ms. Karen has been working with me as an interior decorator for about 6 months. And as my house is getting ready to expand because we are adding onto a few areas here and there, she will continue to be our guide through the decorating and design process of my home. 


As a person with  autism, working with Westwood Avenue, I am very fortunate and blessed to be able to work and live on my own. And for the first time able to hold a job for an entire year. With the help of my amazing service dog Jules. If you have time check us out “on the Avenue with Lauren and Jules” in your local community magazine and you just might find us. 

Lauren’s work area in her new home, with the article she wrote about her service dog Jules on the front cover! You can also see a photo of the original homeowner of Lauren’s house, Ms. Helen.


Our house (Jules and I) was passed down to us by Ms. Helen, the woman who lived next to my mother (Terri) since she was 12. Terri and Ms. Helen were neighbors and the house that is next to mine is the house my Mom and her family grew up in. As Ms. Helen is now 104, she lives in a nursing home. And is proud to know that we keep her family’s home and traditions alive. 


Built somewhere in the 1930’s, if this house could talk, I am sure it would have some stories. I didn’t come along till the 1980’s, yet I do remember coming in and out of this house my entire life. And I am VERY proud to own my home and am loyal to keeping it both safe and clean. 

“New” Living Area in Lauren’s home, with refinished hardwoods, new paint, reupholstered and renewed furniture, and the fabulous original marble fireplace!


The other “more fun” living room in the back of the home (which is eventually being expanded and redone again very soon when we do “Phase 2” of this update!). We were able to use Helen’s original drapes, and we took our color scheme from them!


The more traditional Dining Room which connects the front Living Area with the Kitchen. This room also displays a mix of new pieces mixed in with existing, re-purposed pieces. The cabinet in the back showcases many art pieces Lauren’s family has made, along with some of her favorite photos.


I wouldn’t have been so proud to call this house my home without the help of Ms. Karen. When we first walked into this house, as we bought it, it still had that 100 year old woman smell, lots of weird carpeting, and odd shaped curtains that matched maybe 100 years ago but not today. Ms. Karen helped me to keep the vintage genre yet also keep the tradition of an old fashion house alive. And add a little modern for convenience only. And with a yellow kitchen who could say no? 


Seriously cute vintage-style NEW kitchen in Lauren’s house.


I look forward to the new addition of a bathroom, garage, and sunroom. And look even further forward to working with Ms. Karen on our decor!! 


Jules and I appreciate all that she has done for us to make our house a home to be proud of. And making it even more easy to work On The Avenue and be even more inspired by our home! 


Thank you Ms. Karen for loving us and turning our house into a beautiful fun loving home!! Through many hours we spent together working on the house, we will always welcome you back again and again any time. Especially as we add onto the house in the next few months! 


Love from me and Jules 


Thank you, Lauren, for your kind words!  I know you are proud of your home, as I am!  Looking forward to working with you on “Phase 2” of your new home renovation!  You guys are the best!

Readers, I would love to help you redesign, re-purpose, re-upholster, renovate, or dream of something completely new!  Email to schedule an appointment!