The Benefits of Staging a Home While You’re Still Living In It

Staged by Home by Hattan

(by Guest Blogger Sarah Stilo)

When you invite buyers into your home, you want it to look clean, colorful, and artfully put together. Buyers want to see gorgeous spaces as stunning as the ones we all see on HGTV and social media sites like Instagram.

Homes that still look lived in–with magnets on the fridge, toiletries in the bathroom, even overstuffed closets–will not photograph or show well. In addition, staged homes often fetch higher offers from buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, 31% of buyers increase their offer anywhere from 1-5% when a home is staged.

It’s easy to stage a vacant house with rented furniture and decor, but occupied homes are a different story. There’s clutter, often paint colors that are too bold, and mismatched or dated furniture that does not photograph well.

These are the benefits of staging a house while living in it.

Occupied Staging by Home by Hattan — Homeowner’s Items Used

The Listing Photos Will Look Fantastic

These days most buyers will start the search for their dream home online. What do they look for once they narrow down by neighborhood nad number of beds and baths? Great listing photos. The only way to get great listing photos is to have a beautifully staged home.

Streaks on the bathroom mirrors, clutter behind the couch, in the bedrooms, even in your home office, will become oh-so clear once the photographer sets up his camera. Plus, bright or dark and drab wall colors do not photograph well. If you have furniture that’s patterned, in rough condition, or very dated, it could distract from what’s really important: the structure of your house.

Professionally staged homes will photograph like the magazine-ready mansions we all lust over, no matter what price point you’re working with. A stager will come in, help decide if a repaint is necessary, and create a stunning space that buyers will fall in love with the minute they click on your listing.

Before. This house sat on the market for 6 months. After Home by Hattan’s staging, it SOLD in the first month!

After: Paint, Homeowner’s and Stager’s Items Used


Your House Will Knock Showings Out of the Park

After a buyer falls in love with those gorgeous listing photos, they’ll request to come see the house in person. At that point, if the house doesn’t look or feel the same way that it did in the photos, the buyer will move on.  (One more good reason why you should NOT use virtual staging, in Karen Hattan’s opinion.)

Staging absolutely helps create beautiful photos, but it also creates a sense of home right when a prospective buyer walks in the door. The house will feel composed and clean. In addition, small touches of on-trend accessories and art will create a sense of “hominess” without the feeling of a dirty or actively lived in space.

Staged by Home by Hattan


Staged by Home by Hattan


Buyers Might Shell Out More Cash 

Unstaged homes have the potential to lose you money if you make key mistakes. But, as we mentioned earlier, some buyers see a staged home and offer more money. An unstaged house could seriously hurt your ability to get solid offers. Instead, invest in a professional stager to bring out the best features of your home.

The stager may not have to do much: some of the best home staging ideas out there are the simplest. A fresh coat of beige or “greige” paint, rearrangement of furniture, and a solid deep clean could be all you need to sell your house. But, you won’t know until you chat with a professional.

Stagers are the experts and will be able to evaluate your home and explain to you what it needs to be the best listing in the neighborhood!

Staged using Homeowner’s items ONLY.



Below are more homes staged by Home by Hattan, using homeowner’s furniture while they are still living in the home (occupied staging).  Some are staged with Home by Hattan staging accessories, some using only the homeowner’s accessories. Lots of different style of homes benefit from staging.  Enjoy!















As you can see, occupied staging works for every budget, every style!  A professional Home Stager can work with what you have to create beautiful online listings that elevate the perceived value of your home!



Hi Home by Hattan friends!  Today’s article is written by guest blogger Sarah Stilo with HomeLight, with photos added in by me. HomeLight is a company that analyzes real estate transaction data to match you with top real estate agents who sell homes faster and for more money.  They have a Seller’s Resource Center to guide you through every step of the home-selling process based on real estate market research and advice from top real estate agents and industry professionals.  And they obviously know the VALUE in home staging.

Thanks, Sarah, for the wise words!

And to my Real Estate Agents, this article may be a great one to share with your listing clients!  And then you contact ME to be your professional Home Stager!